Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to make an Origami Kusadama Flowers:

Found this lovely project & wanted to share it with you... 

1. Start with the a square piece of paper.
    Fold the bottom corner to the top to make a triangle.
2. Fold both bottom corners of the triangle to the middle top point
    to form a square.

3. Fold the top two layers of the square backwards as shown. It is 
    important that you ensure that the folded back edges line up with 
    the edges of the square underneath.
4. Open the newly formed triangles.

5. Fold the top triangles over so they level with the edge of the paper.
    Cut these triangle flaps with a sharp scissors.
6. Fold the triangles along the existing crease.

7. Add a small amount of glue to one side and attach to the 
    other  triangle.
8. Your glued petal should look like this. 

9. Now follow steps 1-7 to make four more.

10. Gluing the petals together should not be a problem.
      Make sure you let the glue dry before adding the next petal.
11. The flower is completed.

 Here's the link to the original post...


  1. Can you show me how to make a oragami princess?

  2. Actually, I don't know...but it would be my pleasure to look it up for you...& I'll post it as soon as I find any In Shaa ALLAH...
    Thank you for your interest...

  3. Hi dear, plz see my newest post...It's a youtube instructive video & I'll try to find it in written instructions In Shaa ALLAH...


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Shana: Personalized Prints for Framing