Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Make a Paper ♥ Garland :

Here's how to make a traditional folded paper garland for Valentine's Day. Because you fold the paper s like a fan, or an accordion, you can easily hang this pretty garland or tuck it inside a Valentine card as a surprise gift for that special someone. 


1- Construction paper, scrapbook paper, gift wrap or wallpaper.
2- -shaped template
3- Pencil
4- Scissors
5- Transparent tape


- Draw ur own -shaped template on a piece of paper & cut it out.

- Fold ur chosen paper like an accordion, making each fold the same width as ur template. U can see how the paper should be folded in the diagram.
paper heart accordian folds

-  Place the folded paper on the table. Place the shape u drew on top of it so that the edges overlap the sides of the paper just a little at the widest point.
fhplacement (2K)

- Trace around the shape, then carefully cut it out around the bottom point, and around the curves at the top, leaving the edges on each side uncut.

folded hearts in hand

- When u open out the folded s, it should look like the garland in the photo. But if it isn't as long as u like it to be, then make another one in the same way & using a little transparent tape, join the two garlands together.

foldedheartgarland2 (6K)

- U can keep adding sections to ur garland till it reaches the desired length.

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Shana: Personalized Prints for Framing